My Enemy Territory Career

My Enemy Territory Career

=[c]=Andicica Behind the scenes…

And here it is.. the most expected “short” novel titled “andicica’s walk of life“.
I’m bored at 1:00 am and got shots in my little ass 2314 times, so i think it’s the perfect timing to write this memoir, now that i’m back on the “ET Train”.
A lot of people kept asking me “how the hell did you got into ET’s World?”.
Some of you already have the answer, the others don’t care and a rest of you don’t even have a clue what the hell i’m talking about… well no problem…
i have to pass the time with something, so let’s hope there’s someone, who’ll read this..

’bout 9 months 4 years ago, i installed the best game of my life for the first time. One day my dear Sister and her current admirer came to us for a “family visit tour”.
They came into my bedroom to see what the game is which i’m playing (COD2 Single) then they said..there’s a really good free online multiplayer game called Enemy Territory..
You can imagine how i blinked… Oo.. when i was just a fledling in the Multiplayer Game’s World…actually i was that in the Internet’s World too(but by now i have some hacking skills, but usually my own PC regret my experimentations 😀 ) But don’t go that far..  so .. they said that teams/peoples meeting on the servers, they talkin’ during the time, when they cripple/rocket/throw a granade.. in one word..they execute eachother in every bloody way..

I didn’t need more motivation..lumped down in my chair i asked them to give me the download link and explain the basic settings of the game..
I installed, connected to an hungarian fun server.. these guys were cool, nicely…  i wouldn’t tell you what name of the server was not even if you would kill me then.. anyway.. i successfully learned the basics and i thought that i grew up to the “job”…’til when my sister invited me to another hungarian fun server (Adr3nalin by Dark).
I connected.. ooh Oo… here’s a lot of people.. the game is spinning..
well I’m not a noob anymore so let’s do it.. i thought.. i waited patiently for my spawn 20. 19. 18.…. 3. 2. 1. SPAWN!
I started like Schumacher in the Formula 1, fast,
before anyone else in my team with my Slingshot in my hand to get the first kill.. and then i blinked and laid to rest.. Oo.. no problem, new serve… 3.2.1. Spawn! Attaaack… and then i found myself lay down on the ground again.. ooh.. this is gonna get ugly…
I had to find out soon, that here are way
better players on this server, than on the previous one where i started..1-2 day passed and i become more better and better as medic.
My sister had a fun “family & friends” clan
=[c]= so i joined to them. Her “stage-name” was =[c]=Évicica (“Évi” means Eve and “cicameans kitty) so she suggested to me follow her example.. this is how born, the lot of you known and honoured, respected, beloved…etc..


i quicky fell in love with this server, i was online everyday… Cute, funny, friendly guys… I didn’t have to wait so long to High five with all of them.. the first person i liked a lot was Wolf, so thank you for helping me in how to use cheats like aim, wh..etc, if you read this. 😛

i soon started playing a lot more better than before with a gun, rifle, panzer (i really enjoyed it), Sniper, but i wasn’t good with that damned mortar..
it doesn`t matter.. i caused enough damage on my own team with these weapons too, which i learned to use ( not always like as i should..).

1,5 yrs passed with active play on this serverof course instead of sleep & study.. And then.. a lot of people who i really liked stopped playing so i brought myself to take a break too..I moved to Spain and it gave me a help in this case to stay away from ET, but after 3 months i started playin’ again.
I enjoyed it for 1-2 months and then i
had a technical problem (no internet) so i stopped playing.. again.. When i got internet again, i didn’t played with ET, i started an other game (Lineage2) for 6 months..another team, another friends.. but as the saying has it… “this is a different story”..
these times i was on the Adr3nalin server sometimes, but it was still empty and then it closed..

After i came back home from Spain(i lived there for 2 yrs), i wasn’t playing active for ’bout 1 year with ET. As soon as the fire flame up in me, burned by desire, my fingers shook to make a hole in some arrogant people’s ass, i reinstalled the game, find an old hungarian server, connected & played for weeks with familiar players..1-2 weeks passed and i realized that this server is too.. how to say it..well..too low for me (not offense, but it is..) so i had to find another server and i did.. this server was owned by a clan called ETc.
First i was on the
SexCup one of their servers. There were a lot of people, i’ve never seen this many before.. and they were pro to me.. all of them.. so this situation was a deja vu to me.. everything happened so quickly, i leave spawn,die,leave again,die…

After some time i got the rhythm and killed 80% of players. After some weeks the server stopped sometimes or no one was on it… i found out that they have another 3 servers, one of them always almost full.. so let’s try my luck.. it can’t be so bad..
I was wrong.. it was..don’t get me wrong, i mean not
the server.. as a matter of fact i really enjoyed and loved that there were people from every country in the world, and those stupid sounds, i laughed hard at these, but sometimes just annoyed me..whatever.. this server was more crazier, than SexCup. Don’t Panic, i used to it for now, so when
i’m in a good mood, what i’m just calling 10minutes-when-i’m fucking good-time” then no one can shoot me down, but i have a really bad mood what’s called “now-i get-a loosing spree-time”. Fortunately i’m not really get loosing sprees, but i close to it sometimes..

Thanks to my dear friend i got into the “Elite“, in the ETc clan..
So from that time =[c]=Andicica
transformed to
(Thanks to Darkness & Tivi 😛 )

If Someone wants to see my muddle seria or wants to hunt me down.. well here i am:
Szerver IP:

I have to start like this, pls don’t throw stones at
me, but..

Thanks for all of the nice memories, reasons for damning, lot of hours, rockets to my face, knives in my back, poison injection to my ass to the two persons without whom i think i would never got these experiences, so thank you
Évi & Peti
Thanks to you everyone, who make these years
funny for me and who suffer my fools gladly & quietly.. especially these people (Wolf, b0o, Gatto,Csupo, Husi, Dark, Henti, Lexy, Bozo, NZS) and you too, who’ll do this in the future.. 😛

And in The End a Big thanks to all of you, who read this not too short post!
Love you!


~ Szerző: andie - 2011. április 8. péntek.

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